Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Preview

Microsoft is set to release their new “Elite” Xbox One wireless controller on October 27th.

The new controller comes in with a price right around $150 (check Amazon for actual price). For that price, you get a controller that is customizable beyond anything we’ve seen before. The new controller has paddles on the underside, useful for racing games, along with new hair triggers for faster firing in shooters, and all the buttons are metal versus plastic.

You can customize the controller settings (like triggers sensitivity) with a new app, which works for Xbox One and Windows 10. The new rubberized diamond grip allows for better handling and feel. This upgraded controller also comes with a carrying case, which is useful for those hardcore gamers that are bringing their controller around with them, but also makes for a useful storage place for all your extra buttons.

Check out the additional photos of the new Xbox One Elite Wireless controller below.

Just in case you don’t have an Xbox One yet or are in the market for a new one and want the Elite controller, there is a new Xbox One Elite bundle that will be available December 1st. Given the valuation of the controller (around $150) and of a 500 GB Xbox One (around $350), this isn’t a bad deal considering this is a 1 TB Xbox One.