Xbox One Chatpad will be released November 19th

Amazon now has the Xbox One Chatpad (ad) listed to be released on November 19th, 2015.

The product description reads:

Compose messages to friends, enter codes, and search apps in seconds with the Xbox Chatpad. Get to your apps quickly with two programmable keys. The Chatpad plugs into your Xbox One wireless controller, putting a backlit keypad and headset audio controls right at your fingertips. Use the Chatpad with both Xbox One and Windows 10

It looks like the chatpad fits really nicely in the center of the Xbox One controller. I love that it has audio controls, comes with a headset, is backlit, and has those programmable keys. We all know that typing messages on Xbox using your controller is a pain, so for those of us that find ourselves writing a lot, this is a great solution that is well worth the asking price.

You’ll find more images of the Xbox One Chatpad (ad) below.