Trade in your old working laptop for $200 off a Windows 10 device, $300 if it is a MacBook

Microsoft has launched a new program called Easy Trade Up. Through the program, you can trade in your old laptop for $200 off a new Windows 10 device, or $300 off if your old device was a MacBook.

There are some limits to the program. You need to buy the new Windows 10 device first and then submit a claim, send in your old device, and get a rebate. The device you trade in has to be in working order, be no more than six years old, and have a display of at least 11.6 inches.  The device that you purchase must be a qualifying device.

While this program will probably motivate a lot of people to upgrade to a newer device, you have to question whether you would be better just selling your old device on Ebay rather than trading it in to Microsoft. This is especially true of under six year old MacBooks, which typically go for a lot more than $300. There are a lot of people that have old Windows 7 or 8 laptops which are worth less than $200, and this would be a good deal for those people.