Star Wars Battlefront Multiplayer Tips & Tricks

As a lot of our readers are probably putting a lot of time into Star Wars Battlefront (ad) over the holiday, we thought we’d share some tips and tricks that might help you all out.


  1. The DL-44 is clearly the best weapon for close to mid range. You may have noticed every single high ranking player is using it.
  2. The DLT-19 is probably the best gun for mid to long range (not including snipers or hero weapons) as you can continuously fire without losing accuracy.
  3. The cycler rifle, which was amazing in the beta, has now been nerfed.
  4. The pulse rifle is probably the best long range solution, but be sure to fully charge it. A fully charged pulse rifle will kill in one shot.
  5. Boba Fett’s wrist launcher has a slight lock on.
  6. Princess Leia’s blaster can shoot through shields.
  7. For the pulse canon, cancel the shot by hitting the button for the card, or just the button to change weapons.
  8. If you’re going to use the shotgun, use the focus fire star card for increased accuracy.

Game Modes

  1. In Walker Assault, the dish is the best rebel weapon for dealing damage to the walkers.
  2. In Walker Assault, if you are a rebel, using a loadout with the ion torpedo, ion shot, and ion grenade lets you continuously deal damage to the walkers.
  3. One Speeder flown well can take out a walker.
  4. In Walker Assault, the AT-AT is the best vehicle for the Imperials.
  5. When using the AT-AT, always have the orbital strike in use.
  6. Rebels, save your orbital strike until the walkers are vulnerable.
  7. When using the AT-AT, the smallest canon is the best for taking out individual rebels.
  8. Use smoke grenade for taking objectives.
  9. Use personal shield for taking objectives.
  10. Use a jetpack to quickly get to an objective, then use your personal shield and smoke grenade.
  11. In fighter squadron, go for real players with gamertags over their heads, not the AI enemies, as they are worth more points.
  12. Fighter squadron is a great way to get points, as are some of the hero battles.


  1. Hero vehicle power ups always appear in the same spots. Learn where they might spawn and then makes use of the hero vehicles.
  2. Vehicles also spawn in the same spot (like in Walker Assault). Learn those and shoot down enemy vehicles as soon as they spawn.
  3. The T-47 Snowspeeder can only use the tow cable during a Y-Wing bombing run.
  4. Imperials, any damage to a snowspeeder using a cable will make it abandon the cable.
  5. You can also shoot down Y-Wings right before or during their bombing runs.
  6. Rebels, strafe the AT-AT’s when they are vulnerable.
  7. AT-ST is best from distance, as it is a particularly vulnerable vehicle.
  8. The AT-ST missiles can lock onto enemy ships.
  9. Use the evade button in star ships. This shakes missile locks.
  10. Decreased flying velocity increases weapon damage, so once you have a lock on an enemy, pull back your speed before firing to do increased damage.
  11. Fire in bursts to avoid overheating your weapons.


  1. As a hero, every defeated enemy adds to your powerbar. If your powerbar runs out, you will be done.
  2. Luke and Vader are best for use indoors, especially hallways.
  3. Leia and the Emperor drop powerups for their teams and health for themselves in hero hunt.
  4. Boba Fett and Han Solo are crack shots from distance.
  5. Only two heroes can be in use at once.
  6. Leia is probably the best hero for team based games (so not hero hunt) as she can often last all game and constantly support her team with powerups and shields. The way you last all game is by giving yourself health constantly, staying in your shield, and continuously taking out enemies.


  1. Using the third person view gives you a larger field of view, which helps you see your surroundings more.
  2. For close range encounters, don’t aim down the scope. This is difficult to get used to, but seems to make firing more accurate. It also allows you to move on to the next target quicker.
  3. Don’t stand still. At least move side to side, but it is best to keep moving.
  4. In most modes, flanking the enemy can lead to a big advantage for your team. The scout perk is useful for this as it hides your sprinting on the map.
  5. Try to take objectives as a group. Instead of going it alone, wait for some team mates and then go together.
  6. If you’re a Imperial stormtrooper, going helmet-less might look stupid, but it helps camouflage you a bit on most maps and some people will mistake you for a rebel.
  7. On Hoth, the stormtrooper helmets actually help you to blend in with the snow.
  8. If you’re a Rebel, you might want to avoid the bright colored aliens to help you blend in.
  9. Sprinting or firing a weapon makes you show on radar. The scout trait counters this.
  10. You can upgrade star cards with credits.
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