Polar RCX5 Review

For triathletes and endurance athletes looking to monitor and get help with training. Works great for swimmers and cyclists. Decent tracking, good price.

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Product Description:

The Polar RCX5 device was designed for triathletes, runners, and cyclists who want to optimize their training. The device helps improve your performance with endurance training programs and it guides you to train at the right intensity with unique Smart Coaching features. It also provides heart rate monitoring, even while swimming. You also can create your own sport profiles and quickly switch between them. The device is compatible with Polar running, cycling and GPS sensors (sold separately, not included).

Feature Table:

Display Monochrome
Battery 1 Year (not rechargeable)
Colors Black or Red
Heart Rate Monitor
Comfort Score 80

Common Questions:

What comes in the box with the Polar RCX5 watch?

In the box, you will get the Polar RCX5 training computer (the wearable), H2 heart rate sensor, Polar DataLink data transfer unit, and RCX5 Getting Started Guide.

What colors does the Polar RCX5 watch come in?

Red or Black.

What sports is the Polar RCX5 watch good for?

Triathalon, Swimming, Cylcing.

How long does the Polar RCX5 battery last?

One year. It is not rechargeable. After a year, you replace the battery.


The Polar RCX5 was first released in the UK in 2012 and has been fairly popular since. It is designed to be functional and affordable. This isn’t a device to wear to sit in an office, it works best for exercise. There aren’t many fitness trackers that are good for cycling or swimming, but this one excels in those areas. It is fairly accurate for running and walking too. The one year battery is a big plus, and I like that the watch can be bought in separate packages, including a GPS package, a runner package, and a biking package.

The negatives are that this device is older and doesn’t have the latest tech. It also just looks boring and the display can be difficult to read. It is missing features like sleep tracking. While it stays on your wrist, it isn’t that comfortable to wear.

Overall, if you are new to triathalons, this could be a good device for you as it is accurate, works for triatholon training, and it is affordable as it is a bit older. For anyone else, I think there are better devices out there. I wouldn’t use this as a daily fitness tracker or as a performance training watch for any sports besides triathalon, swimming, or biking.

Polar RCX5

Polar RCX5




    • One year battery life
    • Heart rate monitor included
    • Works for cycling and swimming


    • Looks and feels dated
    • Missing some standard features