Polar Loop 2 Review

Rethink your day with the perfect companion fitness tracker from Polar.

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Product Description:

Polar Loop 2 is the stylish and waterproof activity tracker that makes you move. This elegant wristband tracks your daily activity and even sleep, motivating and guiding you towards better fitness and health.

Feature Table:

Battery Up to 8 days
Display 85 LED
Tracking Steps, Distance, Calories
Features Inactivity alert, smart goals, phone notifications & reminders
App Works with the Polar Flow app
Sleep Monitoring
Heart Rate Sensor Polar H7 Bluetooth® Smart heart rate sensor sold separately
Compatible Devices Polar Flow web service compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6 or later and PC Windows XP, 7, 8
Warranty 2 years
Syncing Syncs automatically with the Polar Flow app via bluetooth

Common Questions:

What colors does the Polar Loop2 come in?

At launch, it will be available in white and pink. It’s rumored to be coming in Black in September 2015.

Does the Polar Loop 2 have heart rate monitoring?

Yes, but you have to buy the Polar H7 bluetooth smart heart rate sensor separately. That is a heart rate sensor that goes around your chest, which is better for accuracy but less comfortable to wear.

How long does the Polar Loop 2 battery last?

If you just use basic tracking, it lasts for up to 8 days. With smartphone notifications, this could be a lot less.

What Others Are Saying:

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The new Polar Loop 2 is fairly similar to the old Polar Loop, with a few upgrades. Stuff that is almost exactly the same is the general design, the band style, and the 85 LED display that is similar to the Nike Fuelband. The device has similar tracking, including steps, distance, and calories. The inactivity alerts also remain and the device uses the same extra heart rate sensor and has the same waterproofing.

Polar has added a few new features to the Polar Loop 2. Smartphone notifications like alerts for incoming calls and message, along with calendar reminders are new to the device. They also have added to the smart coaching for the device. This mainly wants you to meet daily activity goals, but there is also advanced tracking if you buy the heart rate sensor to accompany your device.

Much like the last device, I just can’t see using the Polar Loop 2 as an all day tracker. Wearing the heart rate monitor is just not ideal for the whole day and I much prefer the wrist sensor based heart rate monitoring, although that is less accurate. I do like the new smartphone notifications. It’s great that they now support MyFitnessPal on iOS, the Polar Flow app is improved, and the device has a better battery life than before.

Overall, I think most people are better off with other fitness trackers (check out our article: Which fitness tracker is best?). The Polar Loop doesn’t have any actual problems, it works fine and would be a good option if you want super accurate heart rate monitoring and don’t mind the chest band, or if you want something waterproof.  If you are thinking you want the Polar Loop 2, consider the original Polar Loop, which is half the price at the time of writing but doesn’t have smartphone notifications or as good of a battery.

Polar Loop 2

Polar Loop 2




    • Improved battery life and now works with MyFitnessPal on iOS
    • Waterproof and has smartphone notifications


    • Heart rate monitor is sold separately
    • No Windows phone support