Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom Review

Nike teamed up with GPS company TomTom to develop this GPS sports watch aimed at runners.

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Product Description:

Combining Nike’s understanding of the athlete with the GPS expertise of TomTom, Nike+ SportWatch GPS is a game changer for runners. Nike+ SportWatch GPS powered by TomTom uses both GPS technology and the Nike+ shoe sensor to capture every step of your run. Runners can then upload their data to the website, where new mapping features allow them to see their runs and find popular routes, track their goals, receive coaching tips, challenge friends, and share their progress through Facebook and Twitter.

Feature Table:

Battery Up to 8 hours with GPS, up to 50 days of standby power
Display Backlit LCD with ability to invert
Heart Rate With optional polar wearlink+ sensor
Time, Distance, Pace, Calories
Route, Elevation
Social Media Sharing
Personal Coaching (Goals, Challenges, Trophies, Records, History, etc)
Water Proofing Up to 5 ATM (Aka splash proof but not for swimming)
Memory Up to 15 hours

Common Questions:

What comes in the box with the Nike+ SportWatch GPS?

In the box, you will get the Nike+ SportWatch GPS, Nike+ Sensor, Quick-start Guide, USB Cable (for Hard-to-access USB Ports).

How long does the Nike+ SportWatch GPS battery last?

The battery lasts up to 8 hours when using the GPS, and it can last up to 50 days when on standby power.

Does the Nike+ SportWatch GPS work with an app?

You’re really supposed to use the watch by itself and with, but it also works with the Nike + Running App, which is available in the Apple iTunes store for iOS and in the Google Play store.

What operating systems does the Nike+ SportWatch GPS work with?

The Nike software for the SportWatch is available on both Windows and Mac. You use the USB to connect to your computer.

What is special about the Nike+ SportWatch GPS?

If you’re a fan of Nike and you’re a runner, then this watch might be perfect for you. Otherwise, really the special thing about this watch is the TomTom GPS, which you can get in the TomTom devices which are cheaper. The Nike software is nice, but isn’t enough to justify the higher price. If you get the TomTom Runner GPS, you can get the package that has a heart rate monitor for less than the Nike+ SportWatch GPS without a heart rate monitor.

Other similarly priced devices also have more features. Several similarly priced items have a heart rate monitor built in and several also have sleep monitoring. This device also doesn’t have a pedometer, something that most fitness trackers or smart watches do have.

Does the Nike+ SportWatch GPS work with social media sites, and which ones?

Yes, the Nike+ SportWatch GPS connects with both Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to share your activity on those two social media sites. You also can connect with where you can view and share routes, find popular running spots, and view all your stats. That also is where you share you activity from.

Does the Nike+ SportWatch keep track of steps or have a pedometer?

No, it doesn’t. This device isn’t designed as a pedometer, rather it is for advanced workouts and training.

How does the Nike+ SportWatch compare to related products?

Other similarly priced devices also have more features. Several similarly priced items have a heart rate monitor built in and several also have sleep monitoring. This device also doesn’t have a pedometer, something that most fitness trackers or smart watches do have.

Are there any additional accessories for the Nike+ SportWatch GPS?

Yes, the Nike+ SportWatch GPS can work with the Nike+ sensor, which is a device that comes with the watch and goes on your shoe. Once you have that accessory, you no longer need to rely on GPS to track your time, distance, pace, and more while you run. The sensor itself can also be used in conjunction with a laptop or smartphone to track your activity and stats and you then wouldn’t even need the watch. The sensor is pretty cheap when purchased separately, check the price on Amazon here (ad).

You also need the polar wearlink+ heart rate transmitter to do heart rate monitoring with the Nike+ SportWatch GPS. You can get that on Amazon here (ad).

What colors does the Nike+ SportWatch GPS come in?

You can get the SportWatch in Black, Black with Blue, Black with Red, Black with Volt (yellow), Volt (yellow) with Black, and White with Silver.

Does the Nike+ SportWatch GPS come with a warranty?

Yes, the Nike+ SportWatch GPS comes with 1 year warranty from the manufacturer, so you know that Nike stands behind this product.

What Others Are Saying:

Bonnie Cha, CNET:  “For runners looking to keep track of their workouts, the Nike+ SportWatch GPS offers a very attractive and simple solution, but it’s on the pricier side.”

Mat Honan, Wired:  “THE BIG NUMBERS and three-button interface let you check training data without breaking stride. Stuck on the treadmill? The included foot pod (not pictured) works indoors and is almost as accurate as the GPS. It all means you can focus on running. Yet the simplicity belies a high IQ. Use the USB connector to upload pace, distance, and route data. Online training programs and heat maps tell you when and where to run; in-watch alerts remind you to.”

David Pierce, PC Mag:  “The Nike+ SportWatch GPS builds all of Nike’s popular running software into a watch with TomTom GPS technology inside, allowing you to track and monitor your workouts from your wrist. But many runners will be better off with an iPod and a Nike+ Sport Kit, which provide much of the same functionality for less money.”


If you’re a Nike fan, you’ve probably seen and drooled over the Nike + Sportwatch GPS. The device is pure eye candy, easily making it one of the most attractive fitness watches on the market. The watch builds off Nike’s running software and uses TomTom’s GPS tech to make a really nice fitness tracker watch. The device tracks all kinds of running related stats and sends them all to the Nike app. You then can use online training programs and heat maps, along with the GPS, to help with your training.

The whole thing is really nice, but I can’t help but feel that you would be better off just getting a TomTom watch for a cheaper price. It basically has the same features, just not as much emphasis on the Nike software. Those watches are probably a step down style-wise as well. Some other fitness tracking watches also have the heart rate sensor built in, which this one does not. That is a huge negative.

Some other cons to this device are that there is no sleep tracking, which is a common feature in many smartwatches and fitness trackers. The Nike + Sportwatch GPS also isn’t all that comfortable to wear. It maybe has a bit too big of a band and can cut into your wrist. Nike does need to be commended for having 7 different color options available.

Overall, this is a good sportwatch for runners, especially for those Nike fans out there. For everyone else, I think you can get these same features (and even more) for less in other sportwatches and fitness trackers.

Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom

Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom




    • Works with the Nike+ Running App, which is nicely done and good for runners
    • 50 day battery life (8 hours with GPS)
    • Comes in 7 different colors


    • Not that comfortable to wear
    • No Windows phones
    • No sleep tracking
    • Overpriced