Mario Party 10 Preview

Let’s take a look at Mario Party 10, coming March 20, 2015. Nintendo’s newest party game ┬áincludes a playable Bowser mode, amiibos, and new playable characters.


It’s been awhile, but Nintendo’s newest Mario Party game is finally coming. Mario Party 10 is set for a March 20th, 2015 release. It is the first new Mario Party game since Mario Party 9, which was released in March of 2012 (almost three years ago!). I think we need to give credit to Nintendo for spacing out this series. I’m not sure I would be as excited about it if there was a new Mario Party game every single year. As it is, I am excited because it has been awhile. It sounds like Nintendo also has kind of revamped this game and added a lot of new stuff as well.

If you haven’t seen it already, you can watch the Mario Party 10 trailer below. Otherwise, continue down the page to read about gameplay, characters, boards, amiibos, and more.

Gameplay, Characters, and Boards

Mario Party 10 has three main modes: Mario Party, Bowser Party, and amiibo Party.

Mario Party is the mode from Mario Party 9 where players need to get to the end a path with the most Mini Stars. There are of course obstacles, vehicles, and an item shop.

Bowser Party is a new mode where up to 4 players battle another player controlling Bowser with the mini pad. Hearts replace Mini Stars and the object of the game is for the players to get to the end of the path with at least a heart remaining. Bowser tries to deplete the hearts before the others reach the end.

amiibo mode of course makes use of the amiibos. You scan an amiibo in and then can play on that characters board with up to three other amiibos. The game mode then plays out similar to how Mario Party worked prior to Mario Party 9.

The standard playable characters all return to Mario Party 10. Those are Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Toad, Wario, Daisy, Waluigi, and Toadette (who is unlockable). New playable characters include Bowser, Spike, and Rosalina.

Non-playable characters include: Amps, Bees, Bloopers, Bob-ombs, Boos, Bowser Jr., Bullet Bills, Cheep Cheeps, Clampies, Dragoneel, Dry Bones, Fishbones, Fuzzys, Galoombas, Goombas, Goombrats, Huckit Crabs, King Boo, Koopa Troopas, Nabbit, Peepas, Podoboos, Shy Guys, Toads, Urchins, Waddlewings, and Whomp.

Bosses include:

  • Mega Goomba (Amusement park board)
  • Petey Piranha (Amusement park board boss)
  • Mega Monty Mole (Cloud board)
  • Magikoopa or Kamek (Cloud board boss)
  • Cheep Chomp (Whimsical waters board)
  • Blooper (Whimsical waters board)
  • Sledge Bro (Haunted board)
  • King Boo (Haunted board boss)
  • Mechakoopa (Bowser’s Castle board)
  • Bowser (Bowser’s Castle board boss)

Mario Party 10 boards include:

  • Mushroom Park (amusement park)
  • Airship Central (cloud world)
  • Whimsical Waters (lagoon/water)
  • Haunted Trail (haunted board)
  • Chaos Castle (aka Bowser’s castle)


I am expecting this game to be an improvement on Mario Party 9, and of course am looking forward to see a Mario Party game on the Wii U. More boards, playable characters, and new game modes are all huge pluses for me. So far, it looks like Nintendo did a great job with this game and I think it will win back a lot of people that were turned off by the last game.

The one thing that I have never been a fan of is the amiibos. They really are just Day One paid DLC, except you get a statue to hang on to instead of nothing. Clearly they have been a big success, as I have heard stories of hundreds of people lining up to buy them, and also there was a story of some parents fighting over a package of them on Black Friday 2014. It just feels like an unnecessary money grab to me. I don’t like that when I purchase this game, I won’t have access to all of it unless I buy the amiibos (which I am not going to do).


Despite my feelings about amiibos, I still think Mario Party 10 looks like it will be a fun, well made game. It really is one of the few games out there where I could see five people at a party all actually playing together.

Mario Party 10

Bowser crashes the party with an all new mode. The game includes three modes, three new playable characters, five boards, amiibos and additional amiibo boards. This game is ideal for playing with 4-5 friends.

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