Looking at the reviews for the new Xbox One Elite Controller

With the Xbox One Elite Controller (ad) now less than a week away from its October 27th release date, reviews have already started to hit the web. I’ve compiled some of those reviews into the table below:

Site Score out of 10
Tom's Guide 8
IGN 8.5
PC Mag 8
Engadget 8.6
Average 8.22

Most people seem to be loving the customizable buttons that can be swapped out and custom mapped. That is especially useful for Halo players who want to be able to boost jump and aim at the same time, and also for racing game fans that want the pedals on the bottom.

The parts are high quality metal and are magnetic, making it easy to switch them on the go. The case that the controller comes in is a hard material that will withstand a beating. The case also has storage spots for the parts. A lot of reviewers are mentioning the weight of the controller, which is quite a bit heavier than the regular Xbox One controller and the whole thing apparently feels like it is higher quality construction.

The only negatives I’ve read are that people don’t like the high price (almost 3x what a regular controller costs) and there is still no rechargeable battery included.

For more info on the controller, check out our Xbox One Elite Controller preview article.

The Xbox One Elite Controller (ad) looks pretty cool, but that price is prohibitive, especially for someone like me that already has several controllers. I think a lot of people are hoping for some kind of deal on this, maybe on Black Friday, where the price goes way down and lets more of us pick up one of these controllers.