LG Lifeband Touch Review

LG enters the fitness tracker market with a fairly complex and feature rich wrist device.

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Product Description:

The Lifeband Touch Activity Tracker smart watch is compatible with most of the latest Android and Apple devices. It connects to your device using its Bluetooth 4.0 technology and is easy to use once you first install it, with music control, call and text notification, interval training mode and it comes with a variety of sizes. Made in China.

Feature Table:

Battery 2-3 Days
Display OLED 128 x 32 Pixels
Connectivity Bluetooth
Compatible Devices iOS 6 or later
Android 4.3
iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C, iPod Touch
LG: G2, LG Nexus 5, LG G Flex | Samsung: Galaxy Note2/Note3/S3/S4/Round
Compatible Apps Runkeeper, myfitnesspal, wahoo fitness, zephyr, and polar
Heart Rate Monitoring Need additional monitor, but capability is there
Compatible Heart Rate Monitors LG HRM Earphones
Polar H7/H6
Zephyr HxMTM Smart
Wahoo Blue HR
Vibration Alerts Smartphone Call Notification
Smartphone SMS Text Notification
Wake-up Alarm
Activity Achievment Performance
Sensors 3D Accelerometer

Common Questions:

Who would the LG Lifeband Touch be a good fitness tracker for?

If you are either really interested in getting a cheap device that has phone notifications for an Android device or if you have an LG phone, you might want to consider the LG Lifeband Touch.

What comes with the LG Lifeband Touch?

In the box you will receive the LG Lifeband Touch Activity Tracker, Rechargeable battery, USB gender, USB cable, and Owner’s manual.

What colors does the LG Lifeband Touch come in?

The LG Lifeband Touch only comes in black.

What sizes does the LG Lifeband Touch come in?

You can get the LG Lifeband Touch in Small, Medium, or Large.

I need a tracker with a heart rate monitor, is the LG Lifeband Touch a good option?

The LG Lifeband Touch doesn’t actually come with a heart rate monitor, you need to buy one separately and some are expensive.

Does the LG Lifeband Touch have an app that it works with?

Yes, the LG fitness app works with the Lifeband Touch. The device also works with third party apps including runkeeper, myfitnesspal, wahoo fitness, zephyr, and polar.


The LG Lifeband Touch was LG’s first crack at the fitness tracker market, and it really didn’t go very well. The device has been poorly reviewed by almost everyone, mainly because the screen is difficult to view (OLED 128 x 32) especially in bright light, the swipe and tap interface doesn’t work well, the battery life is terrible (2-3 days), and a lot of features don’t work on iPhones (although at least it has both Android and iOS support).

So the device isn’t that great, why am I even writing about it then? Well, because of the poor reviews and scores, the LG Lifeband Touch has seen a lot of price reductions. It originally debuted for a suggest retail price of $149.99, but the price now seems to hover around $75 (a 50% discount). You can even find used ones for under $50 and I’ve seen them go for $25 (although I wouldn’t recommend getting a used fitness tracker, yuck).

When you consider the features that you are getting for the price, the LG Lifeband Touch is actually not that bad of a deal. Most fitness trackers with the same features run double the cost or even a lot more. The LG Lifeband Touch works with heart rate monitors (you have to buy the monitor). LG wants you to buy their expensive heart rate ear buds to use with the device. The device has caller id and phone notifications, plus you can control media on your phone through the device. It also works with a lot of apps including runkeeper, myfitnesspal, wahoo fitness, zephyr, and polar.

LG Lifeband Touch

LG Lifeband Touch




    • The price has come down significantly since release (like 50%)
    • Compatible with a lot of 3rd party apps


    • No sleep monitoring
    • No Windows phone support