Jawbone Upmove Review

A clip-on fitness tracker from Jawbone.

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Product Description:

Move more, get fit, lose weight and have fun doing it. The Jawbone Upmove includes Activity Tracking, Sleep Tracking, Food Logging and Smart Coach. This clip on fitness tracker from Jawbone comes in red, blue/white, black, purple, and yellow/gray. You also can buy bands to wear your Upmove like a watch.

Feature Table:

Free Up App
Smart Coach
Activity Tracking
Food Logging
Sleep Tracking
Goal Setting
Smart Alarm
Idle Alert
Heart Monitoring
Sleep Tracking
LED indicator Time, Status, Progress
Battery Life Up to 6 months
Water Resistance Splash proof
Syncs Wirelessly
Color Red, Blue/White, Black, Purple, Yellow/Gray

Common Questions:

What comes in the box with the Jawbone Upmove?

The Jawbone Upmove comes with the UP MOVE Tracker, UP Move Clip, Replaceable battery, and Quick Start Guide. The wrist band is sold separately.

Does the Jawbone Upmove work with an app?

Yes, the Jawbone UP app is available for free in the itunes app store and the google play store.

What makes the Jawbone Upmove special?

The UP app allows you to set goals, share your stats on social media including Facebook and Twitter, and you can challenge friends.

How does the Jawbone Upmove enter stopwatch mode?

To enter Stopwatch mode, press once to wake the device, then press and hold; the light will animate around the perimeter and a runner icon will blink. Press and hold again to end the work out; the perimeter will light up and the runner icon will appear solid.

How does the Jawbone Upmove enter sleep mode?

To put your tracker into sleep mode, press and hold the button to enter sleep mode, you will see a moon icon pulse indicating you are in sleep mode. To wake up, press and hold to exit.

What mobile devices is the Jawbone Upmove compatible with?

The Jawbone Upmove fitness tracker is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Find out if your device is compatible here.

How long does the Jawbone Upmove battery last?

The Jawbone Upmove has a non-rechargeable, CR2032 Lithium Coin 3V 225mAh battery that will last up to 6 months before you need to replace it. Jawbone put together a youtube video that shows how to change the battery, which you can view here.

How does the Jawbone Up2 compare to the Jawbone Up Move?

The Up2 has smart alrarm and idle alert. It also gives notifications and status via the LED lights. The battery on the Up move lasts longer, up to 6 months as oppossed to up to 7 days.  Find out more in our Jawbone Up Comparison.

What Others Are Saying:

Valentina Palladino, Tom’s Guide:  “The Jawbone Up Move is a modern, inexpensive fitness tracker that uses Jawbone’s Smart Coach to train you to be healthier.”

Jill Duffy, PC Mag:  “At only $49, the Jawbone UP Move is a great entry-level fitness tracker, with an app that’s easy to use and indicator lights that make sense. The ability to change the form factor from wristband to clip-on device makes sense, but doesn’t mitigate one little drawback: It’s not stylish.”

Scott Stein, CNET:  “The little Jawbone Up Move is an affordable entry to a great fitness app, though its design leaves something to be desired.”


The Jawbone Up Move seems to be Jawbone’s answer to the Misfit Flash and is meant to be an affordable entry level fitness tracker, or you could consider it an expensive and advanced pedometer. The device is a clip on although you can purchase wrist bands for it.  It has good tracking and works with the wonderful Jawbone app.

The Up Move doesn’t have sleep monitoring (something the Misfit Flash has) and it also lacks Windows Phone support, which is provided by both Misfit and FitBit, the two competitors for this device. The device is splash proof only and doesn’t have vibration alerts like other Up devices. Some people have found the design to be ugly, although I kind of like it. It looks futuristic or even like some kind of science fiction or alien technology.

I think the Jawbone Up Move is a good device that certainly works and is an affordable entry point to the fitness tracker market. However, it really probably falls just short of its two main competitors, the Misfit Flash and the FitBit Zip (see this comparison page for details).

Jawbone Upmove

Jawbone Upmove




    • The Jawbone app is one of the best
    • Replaceable battery lasts for 6 months


    • No sleep monitor