Garmin Vivosmart Review

A fitness tracker with seamlessly built in display that also works with your phone!

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Product Description:

Ready to track your fitness activity? The Garmin Vivosmart displays steps, calories, distance and time of day. It has vibration alerts for calls, texts and emails from your smartphone. The Garmin Vivosmart has easy operation using touch and swipe. Inactivity alert reminds you to move and auto goal keeps you challenged and moving towards greater fitness.

Feature Table:

Steps, Distance, Calories, Personalized Daily Goals
Move Bar
Sleep Monitoring
Heart Rate Compatible
Garmin Connect
Wireless Syncing
Auto Syncing
Activity Timer
Backlit Display OLED
Smart Notifications
Vibration Alerts
Find My Phone
VIRB Remote
Music Player Controls
Battery Life Up to 7 Days

Common Questions:

What comes in the box with the Garmin Vivosmart?

The Garmin Vivosmart comes with a large or small band depending on your choice,  a charging/data clip, vivokeeper, and documentation.

What colors does the Garmin Vivosmart come in?

Berry, Blue, Black, Slate, Purple, and Green.

Why does the Garmin Vivosmart battery only last 7 days when the Vivofit and Vivofit 2 last for a year?

Whereas the Garmin Vivofit and Vivofit 2 were built to maximize battery life by using low energy, the Vivosmart is a more advanced fitness tracker that uses more power. The Vivofit has an LCD screen that looks like “frosted plastic.” The Vivosmart has a touchscreen that looks a lot better, but also uses much more energy.

Does the Garmin connect to some kind of program or app?

Yes, Garmin’s program is called “Garmin Connect” and can be run on the computer or mobile devices as an app. Garmin Connect is free to join and use, although you will need a Garmin device.

What is the difference between the Garmin Vivofit 2 and the Garmin Vivosmart?

The Vivosmart has added features like a touchscreen, smart notifications, vibration alerts, find my phone functionality, and more. It is a skinnier band as well. The battery in the Vivosmart only lasts 7 days, whereas the Vivofit 2 lasts for a year. The Vivosmart is also quite a bit more expensive then the Vivofit 2.

What is the difference between the Garmin Vivosmart and the Garmin Vivoactive?

The Vivoactive is more of a smart watch then just a fitness tracker band. It has GPS and can run apps for running, golfing, cycling, and swimming. It also has Connect IQ, which is sort of like Garmin’s own operating system for their smart watches. The Vivoactive is quite a bit more expensive than the Vivosmart. Find out more in our Garmin Vivo Comparison.

What Others Are Saying:

Engadget:  “Garmin deserves praise for being one of the first companies to develop a fitness band that does double-duty as a smartwatch. That said, the device suffers from some uncomfortable ergonomics and an app that offers little in the way of motivation. Meanwhile, the smartwatch-like notifications are not compelling enough to justify the Vivosmart’s relatively high price.”

Dan Graziano, CNET:  “While it won’t appeal to everyone, the Vivosmart is a solid activity tracker for those individuals who are also interested in receiving basic notifications on their wrist.”


The Garmin Vivosmart is an excellent fitness tracker hybrid device that has some smartphone features like notifications. It’s comfortable and waterproof. The seamlessly integrated touch screen is futuristic looking but also discreet. It has all the standard fitness tracker features and the advanced features like sleep tracking, although that doesn’t automatically track.  You can also get a heart rate monitor for the device.

Much like other Garmin devices, the Vivosmart is dragged down a bit by the Garmin Connect app, which just looks and feels dated to me for some reason. Maybe I just prefer other apps. I would still recommend the Garmin Vivosmart as it is a functional product that I think a lot  of people would enjoy, and it is priced very fairly.

Garmin Vivosmart

Garmin Vivosmart




    • Display integration in the band is cool
    • Get basic notifications from your phone on your wrist


    • The Garmin app is a bit dated compared to competitors
    • Sleep tracking isn't automatic and heart rate monitor isn't built in