FitBit Zip Review

Meet the FitBit Zip, a tiny clip on fitness tracker for everyday fitness.

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Product Description:

Want to get in on the FitBit craze? Then the FitBit Zip might be a good fitness tracker for you!  Much more than just a pedometer, FitBit Zip tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned then automatically syncs the data to your Fitbit account.

Whether online or through the Fitbit application, you can set goals for yourself and stay motivated to keep on your path to fitness with graphs, badges, and even friendly competitions. Check to see how you compare with friends and family even provide a message to egg them on. Your stats wirelessly upload via computer or select mobile devices (like the iPhone), so you will know in real time when you are close to a goal and when you’ve reached one.

Feature Table:

Category Everyday
Steps, Calories, Distance
Tap Display
Wireless Syncing
Wear + Water Resistance Sweat, rain, and splash proof, not for swimming.
Battery Life 4-6 months
Battery Type 3v coin battery
Radio Transceiver Bluetooth 4.0
Operating Temperature -4° to 113°F
Operating Altitude 30,000 feet
Memory Tracks up to 7 days minute by minute, up to 23 days for totals
Syncing Use Bluetooth or USB dongle, both need Internet. Range of up to 20 feet
Compatible With Windows Vista and later, Mac OS X 10.6 and up, iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 gen. and later, and leading Android and Windows devices

Common Questions:

Who is the FitBit Zip a good fitness tracker for?

The FitBit Zip is recommended for everyday fitness by FitBit. This essentially means that this device is just for any person to wear around and track what they do. It isn’t meant for “active fitness” or “performance fitness,” which are the other two FitBit product classifications. So basically if you are planning on using this to monitor your active excercise, you might want something else. This is more something to wear around all day, including while sitting at a desk.

Can I share stats and compete with friends with the FitBit Zip?

Yes, you can share your data and compete with friends by  syncing your FitBit Zip with your mobile device or computer. Sharing is completely up to you, but if you compete with friends it might motivate you to do more or take those extra couple steps each day. FitBit tries to make the competition feel friendly. You can also send people messages.

What comes in the box with the FitBit Zip?

The FitBit  Zip fitness tracker, a clip, battery, wireless USB dongle, battery tool (for changing batteries), and a free Fitbit account.

How do I change the battery in my FitBit Zip?

If your FitBit Zip won’t turn on, it may be due to a drained or misaligned battery.

To reinstall the battery in your Zip:

– Insert the battery door tool into the rear door slot of your Zip and turn it counter-clockwise to unlock the battery door.

– Remove the door and battery.

– Reinsert your battery with the positive (+) end facing up, and replace the battery door.

– Insert the battery tool and turn clockwise to lock the battery door. The door should be flush with the rear of the tracker.

How do I reset the FitBit Zip?

lf your tracker is not responding, it may be fixed by restarting.

– Open the battery door using the battery door tool and remove the battery.

– Wait 10 seconds.

– Place the battery back into the tracker with the “+” side facing up, and close the door.

– Your Zip will now be reset. You will see your tracker’s version number, followed by a series of Fitbit Smilies. When you tap your tracker, you should be able to navigate through the screens as you normally would.

What is the difference between the FitBit One and the FitBit Zip?

The FitBit One has the ability to track your sleep quality and also includes a silent alarm. The FitBit One also tracks floors climbed. There is a button on the One that lets you scroll through stats. This added functionality means the One is more expensive than the Zip, typically around 50% more (that is what it was at the time of writing). Find out more in our FitBit Comparison.

What Others Are Saying:

Brian Bennett, CNET:  “The Fitbit Zip is the best fitness tracker you can buy for under $60.”

Engadget:  “This basic version of the Fitbit fitness tracker won’t tell you how well you’ve slept, and can’t track your performance on a Stairmaster. But if you just need a device that will track your steps and calories burned, and can sync wirelessly with Fitbit’s website and smartphone apps, the Zip is a good choice at a great price. If you want something more advanced, consider the gdgt Must-have Fitbit Ultra — or wait for the Fitbit One, due out next month.”

Rachel Rettner, Live Science:  “If you’re looking for an inexpensive, basic tracker that provides a bit of motivation, the Zip is a good one. But the Zip lacks some of the frills you’ll see with more expensive devices, including sleep tracking, a lit- up screen, an alarm and a way to track the floors you climb.”


If you’re in the market for a budget friendly fitness tracker from a major brand, or if you want a clip on fitness tracker, you certainly would consider the FitBit Zip at some point. FitBit is probably the most well known fitness tracker brand. They also have one of the best apps to sync all your fitness data to. The Zip has some features I like, such as the LCD display with clock, Windows phone compatibility, along with a lot of standard fitness tracking capabilities like the ability to count steps, distance, calories and to store 7 days minute by minute or up to 23 days of totals.

Unfortunately, I think the FitBit Zip really needs to be judged in comparison to their competition, and they really are probably lagging behind the MisFit Flash in the category of major fitness tracker devices priced for under $50. The Flash has sleep monitoring, a slightly better battery (6 months versus 4-6 months for the Zip), it is more comfortable to wear, it can go on your wrist, and it comes in more color options.

The FitBit Zip is still a really good device. It has the features most people would expect of a fitness tracker at this price point, it has the LCD display with clock, uses the great FitBit app, and it is Windows phone compatible. If you want the FitBit Zip, be assured that this is a very solid device.

FitBit Zip

FitBit Zip




    • LCD Display
    • The FitBit app is great


    • Clip isn't that easy to use or comfortable
    • Battery life isn't quite as good as competition