Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Tips & Tricks

If you didn’t know already, this weekend is a Double XP Weekend for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (ad).

As that is the case, I thought I’d put together a list of tips and tricks to help players out. Like I mentioned in my review, I’ve spent a lot of time with this game already and I think I’ve figured out a lot of stuff that might help some other people. Some of these tips and tricks are pretty obvious and are aimed at new players. Others are perhaps subject to personal tastes or opinion. Credit to r/BlackOps3 as I discovered a lot of these tips and tricks there.


  1. Use long barrel on assault rifles, and maybe on SMGs too! Credit to Drift0r for this tip. I’ve been doing this for awhile now and it really helps.
  2. Rapid fire on the slow firing guns makes them into the better guns.
  3. The burst fire assault rifles with rapid fire on are the best guns in the game. This includes the Sheiva, XR-2, and M8A7.
  4. Don’t use suppressors on any weapon except snipers as they wreck the range and recoil.
  5. Suppressors work well on snipers and don’t take off any range or damage.
  6. You can run fairly fast with LMG’s, which makes them a viable option.
  7. High caliber is amazing for getting headshots.
  8. The M8A7 seems to have been nerfed a bit since the beta. The Sheiva or XR-2 is probably the best assault rifle option. A lot of people are opting for the Man of War.
  9. If possible, don’t waste an attachment spot on a scope. Use irons sights!
  10. The Varix scope on the lowest setting makes it easier to get those long shot challenges for assault rifles.


  1. If you are at full health, Flak Jacket lets you survive either one grenade, one HC-XD, one trip mine, and other big explosions.
  2. Ghost is amazing as you are hidden from UAV’s. It also is one of the most difficult to unlock so it might be worth it to use a prestige token on it.
  3. Ante Up gets your scorestreak faster. If you are playing an objective game, you can easily start getting scorestreaks without even killing anyone if you use Ante Up.
  4. Footsteps are really loud in this game, so Dead Silence is a good option.
  5. Scavenger gets you more equipment, along with ammo, which can be great in objective modes where you use thermite, smoke screens, or trip mines.
  6. When close to a specialist challenge, run overclock.


  1. Thermite is ridiculously effective for hardpoint and domination. Just throw it onto the objective when the enemy is around.
  2. Trip mines are the new bouncing betty’s. Plant them to protect your back, or put them on objectives.
  3. I like to put the trip mines on the walls or ceiling to hide them a bit.
  4. Throw smoke screen grenades on objectives before taking them.


  1. Use UAV to get some fast assist points
  2. Shoot down scorestreaks for more easy points.
  3. Shoot down choppers before they deliver their scorestreak.
  4. Destroying RAPS are worth a lot of points, more than a kill.
  5. Want to win? Use the H.A.T.R. to help your team know enemy movement and get scorestreaks faster.
  6. It’s better to use the scorestreaks that you’ll be able to unlock constantly then to go for the big ones and barely ever get them. So if you usually just get a few kills in a row, go for the HC-XD, UAV, and one of the lower scorestreaks like Cerberus or Hardened Sentry.
  7. Use Ante Up to get a scorestreak bonus each life.
  8. When you are close to unlocking your big scorestreak, hang back and camp or sit at the spawn and shoot down scorestreaks to get those last few points.


  1. Footsteps are so loud in this game that you can learn a lot about enemy movement just by adjusting your sound options and listening.
  2. Movement and map control is what wins matches.
  3. Learn the maps, find the choke points, control the good spots.
  4. When going through an opening, try a dramatic entrance like sliding or jumping, or throw a flash bang before going in. This throws off any campers and will give you an advantage should someone be there.
  5. Communicate with your squad via headset. When you die, tell them where and how. Call out enemy locations. Plan before you rush something.
  6. Try to play as a group. If you do that, you should almost always win against those teams of individuals all doing their own thing.
  7. This isn’t Advanced Warfare, don’t just rush and jump around. Take your time and look around corners.
  8. Use cover. There is a ton of it in this game. If you are behind cover and the other person isn’t, you have a big advantage.
  9. If you see a teammate outside of cover shooting, don’t go stand behind them. This presents a possible easy multi-kill for the other team. In fact, don’t stand behind teammates at all, ever!

Game Modes

  1. In domination, after you grab the first objective, go to cover near B and wait to take out the enemy team. Then grab B.
  2. Some teams like to just take B right away, then go grab the objective near your spawn.
  3. In domination, use smoke screen grenades on an objective before rushing it.
  4. In domination, use Flak Jacket so you don’t get killed by random grenades, HC-XD’s, or trip mines.
  5. Using trip mines in domination and hard point on the objectives gets a lot of easy defender kills.
  6. In kill confirmed, take up spots where you can grab the enemy player’s tag after you kill them. So those sniper spots aren’t that useful in this game mode.
  7. In kill confirmed, use teammate tags as bait. Kill enemy players rushing for it, then grab both the teammate and enemy tags.
  8. In hard point, figure out where the next hard point will be and get there first.
  9. In capture the flag, just defend your flag for easy kills.
  10. If you are working on leveling a sniper for camo, do hardcore for easy one shot kills.
  11. Free for all is great for levelling guns.

Ranking Up

  1. Win bonuses and game completion bonuses are pretty big, so you’re better off playing lots of short games then long games.
  2. Top three get a win in Free for All, making it good for fast points.
  3. For some reason Search and Destroy isn’t as good for levelling up anymore.
  4. Try to get camo, scorestreak, and specialist challenges to rank faster. This means you need to mix up what you are using after completing a challenge.
  5. When close to a specialist challenge, run overclock to get your specialist ability faster.


  1. Press D pad to perform taunts/gestures in winner’s circle.
  2. Stats reset is a challenge, so do it after the first prestige if you want to do all the challenges and get the Dark Matter camo.
  3. Create a variant of your gun in gunsmith to be able to show it in the winner’s circle.
  4. A lot of people like to warm up by playing against bots on recruit. Nuketown is good for this. Just run through and quickly shoot them all in the face. Then jump into multiplayer.
  5. Start menu shows the whole map and some enemy positions. Use it to your advantage!

Those are my tips & tricks for Black Ops III (ad). I’ll be adding to this list over time.